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    Picture of Charmm Drain Cleaner with Caustic 500gm

    Charmm Drain Cleaner with Caustic 500gm

    Charmm Drain Cleaner comes in liquid and crystal form and are the best type of protection from clogged drains. The formula is made to help fight against hair clogs and also works to break down the residue from conditioners. It works by cutting through standing water and is safe to use in all types of pipes and plumbing. You can also safely use this product in septic systems.
    8.75 AED

    Charmm Sink & Drain Unblocker Gel 1L

    Charmm Sink & Drain Unblocker Gel is a superbly effective sink sanitizer and unblocker. Its powerful formula will cut through grease, dirt and soap scum, leaving kitchen and bathroom sinks clean and fresh. If used regularly, it will stop sink's blocking.
    9.98 AED
    Picture of HG Drain Duo Unblocker 1L

    HG Drain Duo Unblocker 1L

    Do you need an extremely powerful drain pipe cleaner? Put an end to even the worst blockages with this extremely powerful unblocker. HG duo unblocker is based on a unique 2-component technology that can be used to remedy different types of persistent blockages effectively. It is safe to use and safe for all drains. Both components are ready to use and do not have to be diluted, which reduces the chance of splashing. Our powerful unblocker neither foams nor splashes when you pour it down the drain. In order to remove unpleasant smells from the kitchen or bathroom drain, we recommend HG drain odour remover.
    43.00 AED
    Picture of HG Drain Odour Remover 500gm

    HG Drain Odour Remover 500gm

    HG drain odour remover makes sure smelly kitchen or bathroom drains smell fresh again. Drains can become smelly because of deposits on their walls. Fortunately this drain odour eliminator removes the deposits that cause the smell from the sink or drain, ensuring the drains smell fresh again. - Cleans and removes odours - Self-acting, odour-free in 30 minutes - For 10 treatments
    27.56 AED
    Picture of HG Hair Drain Unblocker 500ml

    HG Hair Drain Unblocker 500ml

    HG hair unblocker has been strengthened with potassium hydroxide and therefore makes quick work of hair, dissolves soap remnants and all the materials blocked by it. HG hair unblocker is extremely easy to use for blocked shower drains and bathroom sinks. The 2 components make it extremely effective in removing hair, soap remnants, skin grease and toothpaste.
    38.20 AED
    Picture of HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1L

    HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1L

    The natural enzymes and microbes make HG kitchen drain unblocker fully biodegradable and absolutely safe for any type of drain or septic tank. The kitchen unblocker even enhances the bacteria culture of the septic tank and has a preventive effect that helps to avoid difficult blockage issues. Do you have a serious blockage where the water no longer drains at all? In that case, we recommend HG duo unblocker.
    22.05 AED
    Picture of HG Liquid Drain Unblocker 1L

    HG Liquid Drain Unblocker 1L

    Do you need a liquid drain cleaner? With HG liquid drain unblocker you remove a blockage in virtually no time. This drain liquid is ready for use, does not foam or splash when it is poured down the drain pipe. Furthermore, the blockage can never be made worse by HG liquid drain unblocker as could happen with accumulated powder or granulate products.
    16.54 AED
    Picture of Rorax Ecological Drain Cleaner Bio-Power Gel 1L

    Rorax Ecological Drain Cleaner Bio-Power Gel 1L

    "Rorax Ecological Drain Cleaner with the special Bio-Safe-formula removes all tough blockages from hair and grease as well as bad odor within the pipe (without any damage or spoiling of the pipe or joints itself).Bio-Safe-formula: Safe for the pipes as there is no aggressive chlorine chemistry inside;Harmless to waste water and fast degradable;Against bad odour"
    26.78 AED
    Picture of HG Service Engineer

    HG Service Engineer

    The machine cleaner HG service engineer for washing machines and dishwashers prevents and solves faults in a washing machine or dishwasher. The use of the machine cleaner prevents filters, floats, drain pipes and other inaccessible parts from malfunctioning due to deposits in the machine.
    28.35 AED
    Picture of Mr. Bigg J's Drain Opener Gel 1L

    Mr. Bigg J's Drain Opener Gel 1L

    Mr. Bigg Js Drain Gel Opener is perfect against clogged and blocked drainpipes of sinks, bathrooms, and toilets. It can likewise be used for plumbing and opening of pipes made of PVC and plastic materials. It can clear obstructions in just a second, and does not cause any damages despite repetitive usage.
    11.55 AED