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    DOFF Feed for Houseplants

    Doff Houseplant Feed is a fast acting liquid plant food for strong, healthy growth of flowers, fruit, vegetables and shrubs indoors. Also suitable for plants in both gardens and greenhouses. Use from March to September.
    25.20 AED
    Picture of DOFF Feed for Lawns

    DOFF Feed for Lawns

    Doff feed for lawns is a fast acting to green up lawns and promote healthy growth. Maintains healthy, green lawns and increases drought resistance. Treats up to 62.5m2.
    25.20 AED
    Picture of DOFF Feed for Roses

    DOFF Feed for Roses

    Doff Rose Feed is a specially formulated concentrate for roses and other flowering plants. This quality fast acting feed with added magnesium and seaweed makes up to 300 litres of solution which will help maintain healthy growth and enhanced colour of roses and other flowers.
    25.20 AED
    Picture of DOFF Feed for Tomatoes

    DOFF Feed for Tomatoes

    Doff Tomato Feed Concentrate is a top-quality liquid tomato food to encourage strong, healthy growth and promote high yields of top-quality full-flavour tomatoes. It is ideal for the feeding of courgettes, aubergines and all flowering plants. This conveniently sized 500ml bottle will make up to 150 litres of premium tomato feed.
    25.20 AED
    Picture of DOFF Multi Purpose Lawn Seed

    DOFF Multi Purpose Lawn Seed

    This quality seed mixture will give a superb, hard wearing lawn. It is an ideal mixture for over seeding in Spring & Autumn. It is disliked by birds, has a higher rate of germination and is covered by PROCOAT – a micro nutrient coating designed to improve both accurate seed placement and initial growth establishment. A 1KG box will cover up to 40 square metres of lawn.
    39.90 AED
    Picture of HG Patio Cleaner 1L

    HG Patio Cleaner 1L

    HG patio cleaner is a strong, concentrated patio cleaner developed especially for effectively cleaning terrace tiles. Our patio cleaner cleans dirty, dull gravel and concrete tiles. After a treatment with HG patio cleaner terrace tiles will look like new again!
    36.38 AED

    HG Intensive Plastic Cleaner 500ml

    HG Intensive Plastic Cleaner is an easy to apply plastic cleaner spray which works wonders on plastic. This intensive cleaner removes dirt and grease from all types of plastic including plastic window frames, cladding, plexiglass, polycarbonate and kitchen cupboards. Also works well on washable wallpaper and paintwork. This biodegradable plastic cleaner ensures clean and shiny plastic without dulling the surface. Works effectively and safely to make your plastic items look new again.
    16.54 AED